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Vacmet is a leading producer of Transfer Metalized Paper & Board, Direct Metalized Paper, Laminated Paper, and Heat Seal Barrier Paper with an annual capacity of over 10, 000 MT/year.

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Our facilities are equipped to handle 45 gsm paper to 350 gsm paper board with reel width upto 1600mm. Besides metallized silver paper, other varieties such as holographic and coloured paper can be made as per customers’ requirements. The unique feature of Vacmet paper, (also termed as VACOPAP™) is its excellent shine and good print receptibility.

Metallising can be done on different vials of base paper like cast coated paper, chromo paper, poster paper, kraft paper, supercalendered paper, high wet strength paper, coated and un-coated paper board. Customers looking for greener alternatives to plastic products are switching to our paper-based barrier heat sealable products for packaging of water and oxygen-sensitive dry food products and herbal products.

There’s a growing trend for Metalized Paper Board as a replacement for the laminated board in the folding carton industry. We see the VACOPAP grades of metallized paper being used for label stock applications especially in liquor & beer bottle labels, decorative items, gift wraps, confectionary items, carry bags, and other folding cartons.

Vacmet is all set to meet the growing demand!


These films are suitable for applications such as Packaging, Adhesive Tapes, Labelling, and Decorative, to name a few.




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